Hand piece lubricant

Specification – 500ml/Bottle

  • This product is a non-toxic product, slightly faint scent taste.
  • Easy to operate
  • Having good effect while lubricating handpiece 
  • You can easily lubricate handpiece inner parts
  • Having reasonable stickiness. And make sure that handpiece is lubricated properly have great power.
  • Standard conical nozzle, which is ore convenient to lubricate the handpiece.
  • Direction – Twice to 3 times a day and before each sterilization. Press spray value for approx 1 seconds as shown.
  • This tool has two functions of lubricating and cleaning 

How to clean a Handpiece using Handpiece lubricant?

Connect the handpiece to the handpiece lubricant spray using the appropriate nozzle for the handpiece you are cleaning. For this air handpiece, we are using a multiflex nozzle. Spray for approximately 2 seconds. We recommend using a cloth or paper towel wrapped around the handpiece to contain the spray. It is ok if some excess lubrication remains in the handpiece. 


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